Custom Repairs

Don’t Just Throw That Family Heirloom Away

If it’s made of wood that’s good! Anything can be reproduced and repaired. Broken leg on a table or chair? Maybe a missing spindle or carving? With our special eye for detail and craftsmanship anything can be restored.


Thanks again for your great work. When the movers busted up our furniture I really despaired. Then you came to the rescue. Three dining room chairs, two tables, and the side board all expertly repaired. Even knowing where to look I can’t see the repair. Great work I would strongly recommend you.


Cain/Rush Replacement

Dont throw away that old chair with the torn seats or back panels!


Best-Way can replace the old dry cane, match the pattern and color of the original in just a week . We can replace cane spline, hand woven or rush style seats or backs.