I can’t get over how superb a job you did with the repairs and restoration on my headboard and footboard. I’m so tickled pink!

It’s fabulous and I love how the color turned out. It does make it look old and antique, even tho it is from the 1940’s. I can’t wait for you to do my dresser in March-April. It will be worth every penny!

Thank you for such a fabulous job!

Warm regards,


My table top has water damage from a plant, can this be fixed?

YES! The top can be hand stripped, repaired, and refinished to match the original color.

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Do you refinish my table in my house?

No. We remove it from the home, and it is refinished at our shop.

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Do you use poly-urethane on my table top?

Absolutely not. Our finishes are far superior to poly-urethane. We use a state-of-the-art conversion-urethane finish that is sprayed on.

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What is conversion-urethane finish and what are the benefits?

Conversion-urethane is a sprayed on satin finish, which is extremely water, heat, and solvent resistant. This makes for a virtually carefree top coat.

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How do I care for the furniture you just refinished for me?

We recommend using Weisman's Furniture Polish which can be purchase at a local hardware store. Table tops can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and dried immediately.

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Why should Best-Way refinish my front door instead of doing it myself?

It's a big job! Our finishes are of a high quality, weather and sun resistant conversion urethane. We spray all the finishes on to achieve a like new factory finish. Plus, your front door is the first impression people get when they come to visit, so it should be beautiful.

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I have my grandmother's cedar chest. Will stripping and refinishing it hurt the cedar?

No. During the refinishing process we sand the inside of the chest which brings the aroma back.

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Do you hand strip furniture?

Yes. When the piece requires this process, such as, table tops, larger furniture, and touch-up work.

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Do you warranty your work?

All of our interior work is guaranteed for one year under normal use.

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I just bought six new kitchen chairs, however they do not match my table. Can you make the table match the chairs?

Yes, we do this custom color matching often. We strip and refinish the table using a chair as a color sample.

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My brand new table has a water ring. Will you be able to get it out?

Refinishing the top is the only way to remove the water damage. Our catalyzed urethane finish will NOT allow water to do this in the future.

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My grandfather's rocker has a ton of paint on it. Can Best-Way strip the piece, and I will finish it myself?

We do this all the time for our customers. Stripping is the most difficult step in the refinishing process, and a challenge to clean up.

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I would like to refinish my bedroom set, but have no way to get it to your location. Do you pick-up and deliver?

Yes, we provide this service for a minimal fee depending on travel time.

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My oak veneered end table has a scratch in it. Does Best-Way repair and refinish veneer?

75% of our work is on veneer furniture pieces.

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Does stripping my windows harm the glass?

No, our stripping process will not harm any type of glass.

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Do you have a question that was not addressed above?
If so, please send it to bill@bestwayrefinishing.com or call Bill at 708.352.7515.


Thank you for your business.